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Murray OP wrote

I'd much prefer if you got it from the horse's mouth so to say:


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I read about half of this and it didn't seem to be answering my question at all, so I'm a bit confused.

At the same time, I'm glad that there's some discussion happening in one of the forums instead of the usual posting external stuff and maybe one or two comments with it!

Good job there.


Defasher wrote

Communalists have the bad habit of telling you to read more Bookchin whenever they can't answer a simple question that Bookchin's theory is unable or unwilling to address.


DeathToAmerica wrote (edited )

How does anything in there discredit social anarchism? All Bookchin wanted was to own the rights to his ideology so he could make people pay for it (through his expensive social ecology courses). So he changed a few things to make it more hierarichal and thus profitable. He's a fraud.