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edmund_the_destroyer wrote (edited )

The whole article was fascinating, thanks for posting it. One side note:

The web of food sources that the hunting-and-gathering Ju/’hoansi use is, exactly as Scott argues for Neolithic people, a complex one, with a wide range of animal protein, including porcupines, kudu, wildebeests, and elephants, and a hundred and twenty-five edible plant species, with different seasonal cycles, ecological niches, and responses to weather fluctuations.

(emphasis mine)

I have a local acquaintance that makes a serious hobby (edit: maybe hobby is the wrong word) out of eating edible wild plants. He is a vegan and only buys food during the coldest winter months. He laments the starvation and hunger problems so many Americans face when he says bountiful food is available within a few miles for most people most of the year if you know what to look for. However, he was careful to warn me you need to be absolutely certain you are correctly identifying the edible species because there are countless ways to kill yourself. He's got a library of books on the subject.

I bought "Stalking the Wild Asparagus" on his recommendation but I admit, I've never put it into practice.