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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Also, I should point out that when it comes to various indigenous groups, very few qualified as nomadic. Most of them, the extent of their wandering, was that they had a winter home and a summer home that they traveled between. Others would stay in a place until the land was used up, move away to a new patch of land, returning to the original a few generations later after the land has had time to repair.

Whatever the circumstances, in the wake of a collapse, what will emerge, are different kinds of living, not just one, because the One-Size-Fits-All approach we've been using, doesn't fit anyone. Different areas have different needs. We've only been able to pretend otherwise for so long, thanks to oil, that we can ignore the reality of the land, but once the last of that is used up, people in Phoenix, Arizona will be forced to discover that they are, in fact, living in a desert, and a person living in a desert, simply can't expect to have the same kind of living (houses, food, etc.) as someone living in, say, Kalamazoo.


ziq OP wrote

That's gonna be a rude awakening. I doubt even 1% of them would stay in the desert without AC and imported food / water.