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Tequila_Wolf wrote

It's not so easy to make up a superpower that doesn't have coercive elements, or promote the idea of change being an individual thing, or promote the idea that we need some Big Man to come and save us.

Which is why I'm tempted to say an answer like u/buzz's is right; or, at least, any solid anarchist is an anarchist superhero.

But if we wanted some powers, here are a couple:

Skillshare: Physical touch of a person copies their skills into you to be reproduced as many times as desired in other people, also just by physical touch.

De-spectre: Being within a short range of this hero, each person's reified values weaken and crumble, especially when challenged, and they become driven towards a situated set of values. This person can just sit in crowded rooms while anarchists speak and there will be great changes in their beliefs. Perhaps as a downside, this hero can't communicate in normal ways.


ziq OP wrote


each person's reified values weaken and crumble, especially when challenged

this hero can't communicate in normal ways.

Woohoo! I'm special.

And so, so awesome.


ziq OP wrote

Sonic the Hedgehog.


buzz wrote

i like the appropriation of internet culture for the purpose of anarchism. i think we need to take back yoshi as a trancom who has been the recipiant of nazi propaganda that they are not paying their taxes )L:


ziq OP wrote

I mean he's pretty openly an anarchist. He purposely destroys capitalism with direct action. He has a group of furry comrades / domestic terrorists that help him. He's been taking toys away from authoritarians since 1991.


Fossidarity wrote

Mediation: in any conflict our superhero can share the best solution for all parties involved whenever possible. Usually the result of this is a higher level of empathy.