Why is so little posted?

Submitted by succtales_backup in Anarchism

Almost every post of the sight seems to be either a news article, or a post-left shitpost. I refer back to my previous statement about how little is posted. Seriously. Where is everyone?



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selver wrote (edited )

Your last post was 27 days ago. Why don't you post something?


ziq wrote

Because leftists would rather attack ppl who take the time to make content than post their own content.


Xylanthius wrote (edited )

I lurk a lot more than I post around here because sometimes I wonder what is the point of posting? It's a cool vision and platform for a community, but could you imagine if this were real life? Could you imagine people talking to each other that way? wacky accusations, and toxic attitudes. Just because someone doesn't think the same thing that another person thinks it doesn't mean that they are stupid or that personal attacks are warranted or appropriate.

A lot of ad hominem up in here and not enough patience to deal with it.


robottroymacclure wrote

maybe its for the best that people are not posting every dumb thing that comes into their head, this isnt reddit. i think about posting occasionally but i realize that im not always the most articulate person, besides, if you have a question and think about 2 things tend to happen. 1) it sorts itself out logically 2)you realize that your question is probably inappropriate in this forum. thats fine, its good that there are places to bloviate but im glad that people tend to think a little more around here before they word vomit.