Naming Poll for a new Anarchist Publication

Submitted by anarchistspectacle in Anarchism

What should I call the replacement for subversion news?

It will be a libertarian communist / anarchist communist / green syndicalist / anti-fascist/ queer feminist / autonomist anarchist / autonomist marxist / libertarian marxist publication (Any of the above or similar type stuff).

Please rank them in order from favorite to least favorite. Thanks comrades!

Here are the options:

Autonomous Revolt

Autonomous Review

Autonomous Worker Review

Autonomous Sedition

Autonomist Agitation

The Autonomist Worker

feel free to make suggestions


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succtales_backup wrote

the Toothbrush Collective?


anarchistspectacle wrote

Maybe I have a stick up my ass, but I don't think people would take us seriously if we named ourselves that. I am gonna have to pass on your funny and probably non-serious suggestion.


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

Autonomous Revolt is my fav of those

And for a suggestion: The Attestable Autonomy

I tried to think of a name that used "Autonomy" since it seems that you prefer the inclusion of it. :)


I just thought of a fantasy themed one: Autonomancy!


buzz wrote

I like Autonomous Revolt, Autonomous Review kinda feels like its in the wrong tense/conjugation

also consider word orgins to inspire naming:

  • autonomía
  • autós nómos (might be problematic because the diacratics may be hard to find)