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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

:reads through this thread, eyes growing wider: I think the dude has failed morality forever with his, "Think of the rapists! Won't someone please think of the poor rapists?" bit. Though maybe that's a tad unfair. I also see shades of "Oh come on, it's just a little rape. Will you let that go?"

No matter how much White Bro-socialists insist otherwise, we cannot dismiss large swathes of humanity and other issues, solely in favor of class. Class IS a big issue, but it's also one that affects different groups in different ways; it does not equally oppress everyone. Even LBJ, for all his flaws, said that Black Poverty was not the same as White Poverty, and he is right.

If we're to have a liberation, we have to have one for everyone, Women, PoC, LGBT, not just White men. All oppression is bad and should be addressed and cannot merely be shunted aside. I really don't think even if we just focused on class and overturned everything that the most privileged will suddenly be like, "Okay let's get to addressing the concerns of everyone who isn't us." Because here's a funny thing: you can care about more than one thing. You can care about class-based oppression, AND still care about other peoples' chains, even if they aren't the same as yours.

Though I have my real doubts that this guy was ever an anarchist. He sounds suspiciously like all those Rightwing Pundits who claim that they used to be Democrats, but the Democrats hurt their feelings and drove them away. For the record, I know there isn't an appreciable difference between either party, but I felt it made a handy example.