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md_ wrote (edited )

If you can go from anticapitalist to neoliberal because someone called you out for a racist comment, your politics were on shaky ground regardless.


ziq wrote

their politics were never anything outside of the neoliberal sphere.


anarchist_critic OP wrote

People driven out of anarchism will probably end up in neoliberalism because it's the dominant ideology... if you've lost your movement then finding meaning in work or business or consumerism is the easiest alternative. I'm actually far more worried at the fact that 4chan went from majority-anarchist to majority-Nazi in the course of a few years, and why that happened.

I've noticed by the way that you assume 1) that he got called-out and 2) that whatever he was called out for was actually racist. Is it even conceptually possible for you that either 1) he was never called-out, but disliked the culture that had taken over, or 2) he was called-out for something which wasn't racist, but some idpol was in a bad mood that day and/or disagreed with his politics or something?


ziq wrote

4chan went from majority-anarchist

fuck you're a tool


[deleted] wrote


ziq wrote

Nothing worse that brocialists abusing post left concepts to spread their shitty worldview.