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It's been about a year's worth of! was launched late 2016 (as far as we remember). Then the whole thing was relaunched (as the present incarnation) in March 2017. And in October it moved to

Since March 31, 2017, there's been 1,312 posts in 246 threads, by our 147 members. More than three posts per day, with more than four replies per thread. Our most active threads have well over 20 replies each. Additionally there's been a lot of guest visitors, contributing to our most viewed threads, which have thousands of views. We can't recall the last time we noticed there being less than 10 guests per 15 minutes. And we know several people who visit the board regularly without joining or posting.

And as that indicates—despite being reasonably successful for a forum in this day and (social media) age—not everything came up roses. Only slightly more than every third poster has posted anything at all. If you adjust for the most active posters, the average poster has very few posts—sometimes only their introduction post. Finally, lots of people who routinely "lurk", never feel the desire to join up at all.

Still; an anti-civ Internet forum with an active core group of posters (and even an active IRC channel) is pretty remarkable as-is. We're genuinely surprised that the universe hasn't collapsed due to the weight of our hypocrisy—using technology to criticise technology, we must be utter mad.

For our second year, it would be nice to see our core group of posters to double. In order to accomplish this, we need to do two things well. Firstly, we need to reach new people. Secondly, and probably most importantly, we need to make sure the people who are already familiar with the site find it worthwhile. There are some measurements under way to help accomplish both of these things. But, ultimately, we're not concerned with having lots of discussion for discussion's sake, but having good discussion. As such, is already a success to us few regulars!

We hope to see more people joining up and adding their thoughts to ours, so we can all think together. Or, you know, post anti-civ memes or whatever. Anti-civ-curious and anti-anti-civ people are welcome too! This isn't some elite community. We don't even moderate posts. (Spambots notwithstanding.)

We don't have all the answers—we just want a good discussion. So come join us!


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