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Yunlunuae wrote

No problem on the gillis link ^_^

I think it's important to distinguish technology itself as the expansion of the manners in which we interact with the world rather than one of the tools in which we do so, this can be actual tools that we utilize or the very nature of linguistic frameworks or concepts as 'technology'. I agree there isn't really a contradiction between its utility function in terms of liberatory manners or its capability to control, ultimately this comes down to personal/societal usage. Absolutely transportation can turn to a privilege, especially in the manner cities are built to facilitate cars over shorter ranged transportation but again this isn't inherent to the technology, rather it is a reflection of the power systems at play in social organizing.

Alter the actual root of the problem and systemic change propagates outward, proscribe bandages and things will remain largely the same if not, as you put it, more equitable. I've no illusions on how control mechanisms are entirely problematic and our methods of interaction are largely limited by these control mechanisms, but this is disparaging the control mechanisms themselves and not intrinsically the methods of interaction.