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alexander wrote

Either anti-civ is genocidist, transphobic, ableist, reactionary… Or anti-civ simply has a massive "PR problem":

This PR problem is inherited from primitivism.

In my experience, informing people isn't really helpful, because they are not looking to be informed. Consider telling a meat eater that eating meat is bad for the environment (or their health, or anything else, really). They will either disagree vehemently—without offering reasons beyond "that's a lie!", or similarly unhelpful assertions—or they will perhaps concede that you're right, but then go on to say they can't give up meat, because of some "reason" or other. I.e. persuasion and convincing isn't effective. I think anti-civ has more or less the same problem, and that it is psychological. The food people eat, and the technology people use, become part of their selves—their image of who they are. So attacking technology is seen as a vicious attack on their very person.