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DaisyDisaster wrote

As someone who is just beginning their journey into leftism, youtube videos have been very helpful. Unfortunately, I was introduced to these videos only because I already had an interest in leftism. If I had none, I probably wouldn't have seen them.

As someone with ADHD, it's hard for me to sit down and read something for more than 5 minutes, and those few minutes are often spent rereading things I glossed over or didn't understand. If there were something like a wiki for leftist books that briefly summarized the arguments of a book in plain language, maybe chapter by chapter if not the entire thing (like Sparknotes), that would be extremely helpful. It'd also be good for my memory since I often forget things. I wouldn't have to reread an entire book to remember why a particular point is so, so it'd be a useful reference when arguing with people.

I got about halfway through The Conquest of Bread and a chapter into Society of the Spectacle before I stopped and forgot about them, so any help I could get to finish these and understand them would be great.

Oh, also, I think the reading club is a good step in the right direction and would be an even better one if it had more reach to those unfamiliar with leftism. I think our biggest obstacle is reaching people who are suspicious of leftism because of what they've been taught about socialism. The language/education barrier is easier to overcome than that, imo.


selver wrote

Pretty sure that half of Conquest of Bread is enough to get the gist of it. Society of the Spectacle is extremely difficult for anyone, and I think you might need a background in Marxism to really get it. Not a beginner-friendly book.