How Riots Work

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So in celebration of the G20 riot I'd like to offer like a basic guide to how riots work.

Keyword being work. Because they do work. A good example being the Watts Riot, for instance. Watts quickly grew far more autonomous, became the central for Black community activism. With dozens of social programmes, free food, night classes, home maintenance services, all kinds of amazing shit to help fight poverty. Which they did.

Watts riots did not destroy Watts, it liberated it from the police! It gave the people power to run their own lives.

So that's the first way in which riots work. They empower people, and their capacity for practical democratic change.

There are however also some economics to rioting that are worth noting. For instance, people always have this idea that it's good to riot in upper class neighbourhoods away from their own residences.

It can be. Certainly puts pressure on the government since now you've made your problems the problems of people that statesmen listen to. But there's also another great thing about rioting which means you might want to do it closer to home.

Degentrification. Aim for public property, bus stops, commercial objects like billboards, signs, local businesses, particularly places poor people can't afford to go anyway. When we do this people shout "You're destroying your own community!" This is bullshit. You're destroying an invading community that's trying to eat your community, and doing this will seriously lower your rent.

So for the sake of home security, rioting is great. It helps fight poverty and gives poor families more disposable income as long as you make sure not to directly target their places of residence.

Now at this point someone might say "But what about the local economy?!"

There is no local economy. Never have been. It's not like you can get poorer when your neighbourhood is commercially dead. All you can do is keep the vultures away from the carcass, and stop thinking business will absolve you.

The Black Panthers absolved Watts with community driven organisation, and community activism. They formed anti-cop gangs to protect people due to events like Rodney King. It went so extremely well so that the CIA (And they testified to doing this it's not just a conspiracy theory) had to flood the neighbourhoods with crack and firearms and basically build the Bloodz/Crips from the ground up.

Rioting is when you demolish a hostile community, and the first step to building your own, and fuck any rich guy or middle class guy who tells you otherwise. They're the assholes who are out to steal your shit.

If you can't buy it, then loot it.

If you can't loot it, then burn it.

If you can't burn it, then break it.

And if you can't break it then tag it.

It's our class against theirs. Poor people against rich. Riots is a battle we are more than likely to win. That's why it's such a social taboo. Because once it starts there's no stopping it until the poor and the disenfranchised declares it stopped. Rioting is not the result of failed policymaking, but rather the result of successful consciousness.

Riots keep out investors. They keep out cops. They keep out business owners. They keep out employers. They keep out all the assholes who steal your economy, and leaves you and your neighbourhood to take control of your own economy in whatever way you wish, no capitalism needed.



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Bocuma wrote

Do you have any reading on the Watts Rebellion and the BPP's activities in the area? Interested to learn more about it.


evilsjw wrote originally posted this over on Reddit, you might want to ask him directly.