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UpTickInDowngrade wrote

It depends on how much you buy into the consumer culture. The spectrum of influence and it's persuasive ability relies on a few things. How you were raised is probably the biggest factor. If you grew up in a gated community and your soccer mom carted you around with Disney World stickers on the family van then you might have a lot to shed. If you grew up in a union home of blue collar family members or if you grew up a minority then you may not have much to molt. Consumerism is pointed at everyone. It looks to claw its way into your life no matter your class or background. We are all hypnotized in some way or another.

It is important that we sober up and investigate with honesty. We must observe objectively and know the enemy well. We must break these chains and end these cycles. They build in the fault point. They plan for the failure and resale. They obfuscate and perpetuate obsolescence. They toy with the meaning and joke thru the discourse. They use myths and they game the process with psychological research. They slickly plan it all behind the curtain and shackle the indigenous and export the toxicity until the bubble bursts or they turn cannibal, then it all comes home to roost. We have to expose the worst and commit to stopping and changing as much as we can.