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GaldraChevaliere wrote (edited )

Norse heathen beliefs, Asatru in particular, put heavy emphasis on the importance and sanctity of community and family, which are defined in very different terms from the modern dominionist concepts of these things. Many of us see ourselves as bound to our immediate neighbors and friends before we have any kind of obligations to the gods. Theodish types especially maintain that individual contact with the Gods in any terms that could be interpreted or understood is a very rare and potent thing, and the point of a priest is less to interpret omens and prayers and more to just get everyone together and praying in the first place. You wouldn't notice a single ant unless it did something unusual that caught your attention, but you'd definitely notice an ant-hill.

My personal take on this is that my relationship to the Gods on an individual level is one of covenants and mutual benefit, when I can even get their attention. I take right action and be brave, I attract their positive notice. Right action is defined as doing what's best for my chosen family and refusing to lie or cheat if lives don't depend on doing so. Since right action has long term benefits in the immediate and material, there is no reason for me to not do the right thing. I earn the trust of my community and the favor of the Gods, and ensure the people I love are well cared for. Anarchism on a religious level suits me because the Gods lay completely outside of human authority and comprehension, and I cannot think of a more brave and righteous thing to do than to openly oppose the corrupt cowardice and pointless cruelty of the rich and powerful.