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tnstaec wrote

Most religious anarchists I know avoid institutionalized forms of religion. Some people call this "spiritual, not religious" but I don't like that semantic formulation. The Christian anarchists I know focus on the collectivist teachings of Jesus and the early Christian community. They emphasize that Christianity was hijacked by the Roman empire and turned into a hierarchical institution, but wan't so originally.

I've been getting into Daoist anarchism more recently. I read a book about the lives of prominent Daoists. About half of them became members of the bureaucracy of whichever state/ dynasty they lived in, but the other half went to great lengths to avoid the state entirely.


Dumai wrote

episcopal hierarchy started to develop in christian communities long before christianity was ever even legal in the roman empire, and even before then there was a lot in christianity that you could call authoritarian

i think us christian anarchists need to be honest with ourselves that our beliefs are a radical reinterpretation of christianity, and tbh i don't think that delegitimises us at all