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pstmod wrote

He's in the wrong sub lol. It happens. I'm sure someone there will talk him some sense.

Hes an ancap on the border on an-com which is closer to what we want then an-cap. An cap seems antithetical to me but maybe I misunderstand it, to me it just seems to be fringe libertarians who don't want to be called libertarians and doesn't seem to have much to do with anarchism and an-com because there's certain things involved like government and heirarchy albeit supposedly less then now.

If he just took the step of dissolving the government after to have society be formed around small non hierarchical egalitarian social groups then we would be getting somewhere at least but alas pure anarchic thought says that in such a situation the government would never give up power.

Now that I think about it, ancom is kind of like an oxymoron too in a similar way for a hardcore anarchist no? Isn't communism and anarchy endgame very similar? Its just a question of how to get there right? Thats the big difference between the two. Isn't the historic struggle between anarchists and communists based on the idea that anarchists believe the government would never give up power? In communism the state takes control, gets rid of the rich, distributes the wealth, gives workers the full rights to what they create in an egalitarian way and sets up the small nonheirarchal groups and then the government dissolves itself right? Anarchists say that would never work for many reasons, that we have to dissolve the government and the corporation and the rich all at the same time and the people have to organize themselves. So what happens when you combine the two? Okay im confusing myself at this point Ill stop.