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Mullvaden wrote

But not Google/Youtube. They wouldn't do anything bad with your data, ever ;)


anarchistspectacle wrote

I don't use it except for uploading videos


jorgesumle wrote

That's an issue too: you're still using YouTube, proprietary JavaScript code, providing data to Google, making it very easy for companies/government to know about your political ideas, your videos are attracting people to Google/YouTube, keeping more people hooked. In my opinion, we need to start using better platforms (, MediaGoblin, PeerTube, our own server...). We need to improve our free YouTube replacements too and fight against the network effect of the tech giants.


Xylanthius wrote (edited )

Does anyone here use facebook still?


Voodoo_soviet wrote

I 'have' it, but i haven't used it for over a year and a half.

Its mainly there cause messenger is the only way i can communicate with my best friend atm.


selver wrote (edited )

I have it but it's just to follow a few things. It's just an empty account, no information or friends.

And I needed it for tinder.


indi wrote

I had to create an account for the first time just a few months ago for work-related reasons. I interact with it on a browser set aside for Facebook only (not any of the browsers I use for other stuff), as little as possible. I really wish I could have avoided using it altogether, and I would really like to be able to ditch it entirely.


Tinypig wrote

*Deactivate your facebook,because let's be honest, Even if they "delete" it it'll still be stored on their servers somewhere.