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ziq wrote (edited )

This. Referring to us and themself as "liberal leftists", the proud islamophobia, and worst of all - doing it all while posing as an anarchist (their username was communist_anarchist).

And now proudly ban evading and forcing themselves on us to throw trans people under the bus while talking about how the white european is sacred and being discriminated against by raddle?

And calling me an American lmao.

What a clown.


kittybecca wrote

I've seen fascists pose as "European leftists" a lot. Apparently they've gotten it into their heads that the American left is some unique group that doesn't communicate with the left in other countries.


ziq wrote

Yeah a lot of them even buy into the whole 'national socialist' line, showing just how poor an understanding they have of their own politics.


kittybecca wrote

It's also often just similar to their documented campaigns to pose as black people or other oppressed minorities and advocate reactionary tendencies. The idea is that "the left" doesn't understand what reality is like for these minorities and that if it did, "the left" would also be in favor of reactionary ideas. It has little to do with the left, of course, and everything to do with what reactionaries think about the left, which is why such campaigns are never very effective at doing anything other than circlejerking with other reactionaries.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

I could only make it a few lines in. The whiny, self-martyrdom was just too much to take. Probably feels that when it comes to suffering for the sins of humanity, he's got Jesus beat. With all this whinging, I wonder if we ought to stick him in a cave with a boulder to block the entrance, see if he rises in three days.