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GaldraChevaliere wrote (edited )

How far does that equality extend for you? As far as needed to have extra bodies in a movement, or to serve your economic and political goals? What then? We're still as screwed under an authsoc governance as we are under the status quo.

If you really agree that all people should be treated equally, which is to say fairly, stop saying you do not judge and that you are somehow blind to skin, to roots, to sexuality and gender as if you were somehow raised outside the system and not another subject to it. Everyone does, it is systemic in nature and plugging your ears and crying "You're being divisive!" does nothing but alienate the very people who need this the most.

Class and identity intersect at all levels, they are inextricable from one another. You may feel that everyone is caught up in some 'petty' dispute over pronouns or bathrooms or whatever little simplification of a host of issues you will never experience firsthand is most convenient for you. But for the majority of people living through those same conditions you ignore, they are more often matters of life or death, every bit as much as the color of your skin is. Fighting racism, queerphobia and capitalism are not mutually exclusive goals to split our energy between. They are intertwined and simultaneous aspects of the same battle.

E: Oh, hi, as an addendum. Fuck yourself. To even have the gall to think that your comparatively pampered ass has more of a stake in this than any trans femme who's lived long enough to see her transition through and wasn't just beaten to death or frozen on the streets. You want fighting for a better future? I've fought nearly every day of my life just to have a future the next morning.