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____deleted____ wrote

Islam is not entirely incompatible; if you glance at Rojava, it is plenty progressive whilst being majority islamic. India is far outside of Europe and has actual communist-controlled areas.

The U.S. suffered a serious red scare without any communist rule to balance it. Most nations that did either came under Soviet influence or remained staunchly anti-left. The culture has not recovered since.


I wanted to put it on the page with the most people on it

dont do that we have more than one forum for a reason


youblockyoulose OP wrote

Yeah, you're probably right about the forum thing.

I know Islam isn't entirely bad: in fact my best friend is a Muslim, although he doesn't practice his religion much.

What I mean is that US leftists take the side of Islam while ignoring its stances on women's rights or the death sentence, for example.