Neither Carrot Nor Stick: Still refusing to vote in the Ontario election

Submitted by nosho18 in Anarchism

Between the NDP carrot and the Doug Ford stick, it seems like electoral democracy has a perfect set up for luring us back into the spectacle of mediocrity that is provincial politics. But it can also be a moment to sharpen our critiques and to be clear about where we stand – far from politicians of both left and right flavours, for autonomy, solidarity, mutual aid, and permanent conflict with power.



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selver wrote (edited )

This election is going to be the biggest shitshow.

Time to start planning for fighting Ford, real good chance he wins.

edit: For those not from Canada, Doug Ford is the brother of that crack-smoking mayor we had. He's running against our current liberal leader who is hated by absolutely everyone.


nosho18 OP wrote

Time to start chatting with some older comrades about the movement against Mike Harris 20 years ago