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sand wrote

make it a co-op, don't prey on people, use funds (past what members want for stability) for agreed-upon revolutionary projects... idk, there's probably a lot more direct and useful stuff other people will know


leftous wrote

I think it is possible. Anarchists need some way to survive too. You don't need to subject yourself to exploitation if you have a way to obtain the full value of your labour.

If the business is established as a cooperative where everyone recieves the full value of their labour, that is a good start. Then you can start finding suppliers that participate in fair trade, or perhaps even participate in alternative economies entirely like the faircoin market.


not_AFX_lol wrote

Anarchist bookstores are a thing people do


GaldraChevaliere wrote

If you can avoid being particularly exploitative, you're probably in the clear. There is no ethical consumption, but there is doing what you need to do to get by and actively exploiting another person. What sand said; either run it by yourself or make it a co-op and give the laborers a fair say and share. You're not entitled to any more product than they are just by dint of starting the thing. I don't think anyone worth listening to would give you shit for a fruit stand or a carpenter's workshop if you're minimizing the harm it causes.


bromeo wrote

transitional land-trusting / non-proprietary occupation , autonomous collectivity, intimate consensuality, antihierarchial intentions


libre_dev wrote

Possibly. I'm considering consulting around free software, which is probably as close as you get to something ethical in the IT field. I always try to make shit I write at $DAYJOB as free as possible


boringskip wrote

emma goldman owned an ice cream shop


Dumai wrote

it's certainly possible to be an anarchist with a small business, it's certainly possible for an "anarchist business" to exist insofar as it can be run cooperatively for anarchistic purposes, but as it exists as a firm within capitalist exchange it can't be said to be an example of anarchy in action. in that sense "anarchist business" may be a contradiction in terms.