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tlckl wrote (edited )

quote mining nonsense.

Claiming that it assists the Assad regime is total nonsense. They are incompatible in their goals.

PKK isn't a stalinist party. It is based on Öcalan's theories, which in turn derives from Bookchin-ist thought.

For nationalism, it was nationalist early on, but as it got more land, the ethnostate was dropped in favor of a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic goal, which is also why it has been debated if they should rename "Kurdistan", because it extends beyond Kurds.

The fact that they ally with USA and other is natural as they would collapse otherwise. That doesn't mean they're puppets however.

It's true that classes aren't abolished yet. However, you can't expect this to happen over night, and Rojava is certainly moving towards it.

Also, the way a revolution should be judged is how much it improves the conditions of people. Rojava improved the conditions of women from a socially conservative level to a point where women can do almost anything they want (note that it's not like it is perfect yet or anything with repsect to sexism, but it is significantly better than before). They collectivized various natural resources, causing poverty to drop. They removed most authority, etc.