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ziq wrote

In order for the communes to not pay taxes, be evicted for squatting, or killed for tresspassing, it would require big numbers of people willing to stand up to the state/capital.

Carving out an autonomous zone that rejects the state's authority would be seen by the state as an act of war. The state exists because it brutalizes anyone that would reject its authority over them.

So for this to stand a chance at working, the members would need to be prepared to face a full onslaught. If there are just a few dozen of them, the state would march in and break it up in no time. There need to be hundreds or thousands of people willing to stand their ground even against a military incursion. The people would all need to be educated, fully prepared, and ready to die for their freedom.


alqm wrote

Here I go saying this again. Something like that happened in Brazil by the end of the 19th century. They formed a village of tens of thousands of people because they rejected the newly instated republic. The military invaded and killed every single citizen. So, yes. They would rip us to pieces if we did that again, and the general population would applaud and cheer as our heads fall to the ground. See the article for more detail.