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mofongo wrote

That's a city state and I find it unfeasible; as soon as the group starts buying land, the price will rise, when it becomes hip the (I forgot how it's called) (and it will considering increasing property prices and the new people that most than likely have more money than the locals) the locals will be forced to move out either by getting a really nice sum for the property or being unable to pay property taxes.


red_pepper wrote

Gentrification is the word you're looking for, and yeah that's a legitimate concern.

The commune can mitigate this problem by implementing antigentrification measures to keep property values low. On the less extreme end, the tenant union and housing cooperative can play a big part in this by disincentivizing landlords with low rents and harsh pro-tenant contracts. Service unions can also play a big role in making those trendy little storefronts too expensive to run. On the more extreme end, radical concepts like depaving, vandalism, rewilding, and direct action against yuppies are also possible avenues the commune can take.