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BlackFlagged wrote

Isn't hurting capitalism our whole mantra though? If some people would rather keep capitalism going so their property values don't go down or whatever, then I'd consider them a lost cause.


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

Hurting Capitalism isn't out mantra-- I'd say it's more about helping the proletariat and ending dialectical history by killing it. Hurting it-- when "hurting Capitalism" just means hurting the workers-- would just tarnish the left's image and reduce the amount of people who would join in it's cause, ultimately shooting ourselves in the feet.

The commune idea's a pretty good one for a peaceful revolution… but it would only work on a very massive scale, and just wouldn't scale well. Maybe enough people would join the communes to hurt the workers while the bourgies sit comfortably-- but enough wouldn't join the communes to kill Capitalism.