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________deleted wrote

What repurcussions? Getting picked last for baseball? If that's really a big deal then just outlaw discrimination. But there are plenty of kids getting picked last for baseball already, this would mean less of us would suffer that shame. It brings more of us into equal footing and paves the road to true equality. Think about it.


amongstclouds wrote (edited )

Yeah, I've thought about this quite a lot and you're way too optimistic about dealing with the divide this would create -- not to mention 'outlawing discrimination' is a LOT easier said than done. Also, who get's to enforce these laws? The genetically modified?

I also find it rather gross you think the only problem this would cause is 'being picked last for baseball'. Way to underplay something very important.


ziq_postcivver wrote

Widening the gap between the weak and the powerful even further isn't going to create equality. And 'outlawing' discrimination is easier said than done. Social dynamics are a lot more complicated than that.