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Tequila_Wolf wrote

This question seems to me to only have a determinate answer insofar as anarchists are the same. I think that they aren't and that it depends on the anarchist.

I tend to be a "fight where you are" anarchist also, so the question doesn't really work for me.

For example, I think that the place I live is the best place for me as an anarchist because it's the place where I'm most informed about political concerns. It's also probably a place that I've exploited most by virtue of living there, and I have a sense of wanting to heal it. There are also people I care about here who I have an affinity network with. I also have a support system here.


snowflake wrote (edited )

i believe it would be nice to live right by the edge of a humungous forest , with a river and not too far from the ocean. i don't know what the definition of agriculture is but , i do want to personally leave behind some epic orchards and medicine gardens before i wander transcending to the ridges and plateaus like a sasquatch singing under endless starlight