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happysmash27 wrote

MICRONATIONS. People, often ancaps, periodically try to set up new nations, such as Sealand, which was an occupied oil rig. There's talk of a new floating nation being launched on old oil tankers, and another being created in space. Pros: possibly outside government jurisdiction. Cons: often remote and isolated; usually suppressed by states; usually organised on state-like model (but with extensive civil rights).

I started trying to make one myself at Anarkikomunismolando a while ago, but have been having trouble getting anything started due to lack of input from others, since I am trying to make it based on many people's ideas and not just my own. It aims to implement a gift economy, and be very international through the use of internet activism and Esperanto. Anyone have any input? It can be found at /f/anarkikomunismolando.