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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

They had to do it, as part of their strategy. Study after study shows that humans are inherently wired for altruism and there's evidence pointing out that this trait shows up at a very early age. Even before they learn to walk, infants are able to demonstrate empathy. We are wired to want to look after each other and help each other out.

But a Capitalist society benefits from keeping everyone divided against each other, keeping us so busy trying to stay alive that we have no time to turn on the people at the top. The State benefits from keeping everyone divided for whatever reason, because if everyone lower down realized that, "Hey I may be White and you're Black, but we are both being screwed over by those on top. Fuck those guys!" or anything along those lines, they'd have a hard time containing us. We vastly outnumber them, after all, and deep down, they know it.


captaindread1 OP wrote

Agree; the individualistic dogma that rules our societies is just irrational; life is characterized by the emergent properties which result from complex systems.

In the same way that you can explaint complex pluricelular organism from the properties of its constituyent parts, that is cells, you can't understand the potential of the whole humanity just by isolating individuals and considering that those are just the sum of each part. I mean, for example, intelligence is a emergent property of the society.