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alexander wrote

People these days learn about -isms by reading the first two paragraphs of the relevant Wikipedia article, or by seeing someone mention something on Twitter, or places like Raddle. 99% of the detractors of primitivism haven't read any primitivism. Just like 99% of the detractors of anarchism haven't read any anarchism. The only thing you're missing is that people are clueless yet vocal. It's similar to "but if we have anarchism everyone will just kill each other".

There's many things to criticise in anarcho-primitivism, and I frequently criticise them. However, the knee-jerk stuff about ableism, transphobia, is unfounded, and mostly espoused by anarcho-leftists—who, honestly, usually don't even understand their own brand of Anarchism™ beyond the first two paragraphs on Wikipedia.