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amongstclouds wrote (edited )

Very good post and you summarized everything I see on the topic perfectly. I think the 'left' needs a boogieman at times so it can continue playing the 'moral' high-ground, but without doing much else besides virtue signaling.

There is too much faith put in science and technology as if they are inherently good things that will bring about a utopic paradise for us in its own right -- if only things were this simple.

I also think a lot of people expect alternatives to coincide with the critiques of civilization... but again, if only things were this simple.

One thing a lot of people do tend to gloss over in anti-civ circles is the idea that civilization is a purely material entity. By this I mean they ignore the state/colonizer/police in their minds and expect that changing their material circumstances alone will bring about immense societal change. As long as that colonizer exists within our mind we will be doomed to the repetitive rhythm of history.