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leftous wrote

I think it's disingenuous to say that ancoms are projecting based on totalitarian or collectivist ideals.

When someone reads into a particular text, of course their first thoughts will be to consider how it applies to them and those they care about. E.g. if someone is or knows a trans person, they will immediately recognize that anprim can't be applied to them and will exclude people like them.

Most anprim stuff I've come across starts with the idea that people who aren't anprim are horrible or environment destroying, without presenting an alternative for people who rely on the technology they're critiquing.


LucyParsonsRocks wrote

I still don't understand how someone choosing to live in nature excludes people who choose not to. It's a personal choice and it doesn't affect anyone but the person making it.


leftous wrote

I agree that anprim is individualist. My point was that anprims do a horrible job of articulating that this isn't viable for a lot of people, and don't bother presenting sustainable alternatives for them.

So it is understandable why the first response from a lot of people would be "this doesn't apply to me"/"this excludes me". As I mentioned, anprims often go so far as to criticize people who do rely on technology.

When you're used to being attacked and excluded, that's what you come to expect. Although I do understand that anprims have no intention to do this, I can see why it is interpreted that way.