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TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote (edited )

disclaimer: idk what to call myself, maybe some sort of egoist @h+, but I havent read enough about it. What's sure is that I've read about primitivism/anticiv and I know I'm not primitivst.

What I liked about primitivism is theire critique of technology. There is one text that I cant find anymore that compared technologic systems and civilisation to a steam engine that keeps gaining speed and can't stop. Maybe it's an anticiv text I dont remember. Can someon link it if you know what it is.

On the other hand, @h+ is also a critique of technology, and I found it much more pertinent and deep than anprim critiques. especially that basic "you need to mine metals so technology is inherently violent" that anprims flock to, wich is stupid.

What I didnt like: They idealise primitive tribes and use those idealisation as counterarguments to any critique, they have almost religious views on "nature" and idealise the "untainted humans" as eden garden. they also see nature as some sort of god that they need to preserve and protect while I see it just as a tool.

Also, I dont really understand anprim praxis, there isnt anything "real" about it. Like, green anarchist make community gardens, syndicalists do syndicalist stuff, ... anprims whine and build theire hut in the woods.

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