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891284 wrote

I think talking about your politics without describing them as "anarchist" is a good idea. I've personally had some success with bringing friends on board with that approach.

Once you do get to this point, though, if they're comfortable with it and won't just fire back knee-jerk responses, it's good to emphasise that anarchism is opposition to hierarchy, not "government" as such. People tend to associate "government" (hierarchy) with order and stability, and thus "anarchy" with disorder and chaos. It's good to correct that misconception whenever there's a chance someone will listen, and can be a good opportunity to introduce them to actual anarchist thought if they're a curious sort.

This can be pointless pedantry if they're too stuck on their preconceptions, so it's best to feel things out a bit first before having these conversations. Sharing your stances on police, capitalism, prisons, human rights, mutual aid, etc. without attaching a label to them can get people engaged with ideas themselves while leaping over whatever misconceptions they have.