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dele_ted OP wrote

especially since I don't even believe in utopian revolution

Can you elaborate? Why don't you? I personally wouldn't consider anarchism utopia to begin with, since utopia is defined as a society without any issues at all. Of course there would still be issues, and life would still be difficult, but the issues wouldn't be as vast as the ones the capitalist society presents.


ziq wrote (edited )

Because the power disparity between us and our rulers is too big. And we're out of time. They've destroyed the environmemt so thourougly that the only way for things to change now is through collapse - which is about to hit us right smack in the face.

There are no anarchist militias preparing to face down the full might of the military industrial complex with rifles. There is no anarchist propaganda machine that can influence even 0.1% of the people conditioned by the ruling classes to submit to tyranny and mass destruction.

Revolution was only possible in a bygone age when the people had the same level of firepower as their captors. And the will to use it.

Everything will collapse in on itself because of the capitalists' greed. Then we'll have the opportunity for anarchy. But it won't be an utopia, it'll be a fucking brutal battle between anarchy and fascism with the odds strongly against us.

Anarchy is a state of mind. Utopias are for sheltered liberals with no idea what the world is. We'll always need to fight for anarchy.