How do i find fellow anarchists in my country? How do i organise?

Submitted by dele_ted in Anarchism

I live in Copenhagen, known for it's anarchist free-town Christiania. You would think that opportunities to organize with fellow anarchists would be plenty in a place like this, that we would have encrypted chats or some sort of forum that enabled Danish anarchists to connect, but there is nothing, as far as i am aware. I can't find anything at all with any of the popular search engines.

I want to fight the state, to tell people about anarchism and explain them what a world without domination could look like. Where do i begin?!


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ziq wrote

Can you go to Christiania and meet people? If there's no online presence, you can always make a f/Copenhagen and direct them to it.


dele_ted OP wrote

Most people (everyone i've ever talked to there, and that's a good bunch) at Christiania is there to buy weed, meet friends, skate, listen to music or something along those lines. The original squatters and anarchists that built the free-town is nowhere to be found, apparently.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

This was my first thought, also.

If there are a lot of anarchists where you live, they'll probably have a place that they go or a thing that they do already. Most (?) of the time, at least some of that will have an online presence. So they should be searchable. Then you just show up and start helping out with whatever they're doing, and keep doing that and learning more about how things are for anarchists where you are. Once you have friends or individuals you have affinity with, you can start working on your own projects.

There are a lot of standard ones out there for anarchists which are not bad. Food Not Bombs and stuff you see in the sidebar of f/Community_Projects are some examples.
Personally I think if possible it's preferable to try to invent your own particular project in response to the specific issues that emerge in your area, and where possible try to have that coupled with collectively learning theory in a reading group.

That said, since there are probably preexisting projects, maybe you just want to jump in on ones that already exist.

Also, TIL a of an anarchist district of Copenhagen called Christiania. Cool!


dele_ted OP wrote

I think you're absolutely right, though the issue is i can't find any of the anarchists that you would expect to be there. As i mentioned in my reply to ziq, everyone i've met there is civilians, and i have no idea where to find the original anarchists. I was thinking about going to a community board meeting in Den Grå Hal, a place for various stuff including some community debates and discussion. I could probably find some people there and connect with them.

Christiania is an interesting place, it's a great example of the power of the people when they come together and make an effort to defend their freedom.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

It sounds like there must be anarchists somewhere there - I suspect that you'll find some if you keep looking (perhaps in Christiania and also online), and hopefully one of them will be willing to chat with you about what's happening with anarchists in the area.

If that fails somehow (seems very unlikely), you could probably try to start some solitary projects and try to have an online presence that would eventually draw others like you, if you're lucky! A lot of the time it'll draw confused liberals and others.


captaindread1 wrote

I recommend you to start spreading propaganda in your neigbourhood, such as sticks. This can be useful for attracting the attention of potential libertarians and for checking if there's any far right pig near you.