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nestormakhno wrote (edited )

I'm an anarchist and I'm in favor of things like non-descrimination laws.

Plenty of anarchists are in favor of certain laws as a bandaid. The revolution isn't coming tomorrw, and we need to survive today.


leftous OP wrote

As an anarchist, you understand the government is corrupt, fascist, corporatocratic, capitalist (i.e. designed to protect the interests of the rich and powerful), yet you expect them to enforce protections for the marginalized and the downtrodden? Even when, time and time again, the state uses these laws against these groups? Why would you ever want to give an oppressive and illegitimate state and police force more power and tools to use against you?

This whole site could be described as "incitement" by authorities if they wanted to, just like they have in the case of facebook.