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Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Interesting. From the "About" page:


The mission of Freedom Porn is to empower and engage individuals to create and share ethical porn as a means of advancing sex-positivism and sexual freedom. We advocate safer sex and consensual sex, and feminism is inseparable from our mission. We also fight for freedom of speech, privacy, and free culture. As such, we are the world's first porn repository of entirely free cultural works. All videos are in free formats, either WebM or Ogg Theora, and we encourage the use of free software. We run on donations, so please contribute! For political statement of Freedom Porn please see the politics page, to learn how to become a model look at the submitting page.

What we do

This is a participatory project and community which creates and shares amateur pornography. We also write up informational articles accessible through the many links on this wiki. We welcome contributions of any sort!