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lenin_1917 wrote

No doubt the war on leftism and the antifa will be strengthening after this - brace yourselves for "it was the antifa's fault", comrades. I'm personally opposed to these isolated acts of violence, and I know many antifa friends are too. A similar, though far less significant act happened recently in my native Melbourne - a cryptofascist named Andrew Bolt was attacked by anarchists. While I love me some fash bashing, most acts like these can only be used to counter class consciousness by the right.


makhnostroika wrote

Agreed. Isolated acts of violence by lone wolves never accomplish anything. This dude was a liberal who got pissed off one day and decided to go out and hurt someone. I don't care about the pigs and politicians he shot at all (fuck them), but his ignorance and anger management issues will end up fucking all of us in the end. Liberals cannot tell the difference between a berniecrat and a socialist.

Regarding that fash bashing: That's a bit different. Organized large-scale self defense, as we see with antifa, has always been the only solution to fascism.