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Jbastardov wrote

Is pro-independence in the context of the Procés. Many self-described anarchist participate inside the CUP, the CDRs and have a really though time finding their ground between their views and supporting a Catalonian Republic that will end in just another capitalist State.

The votes of today just reflected this perfectly. The most voted party was Cs, followed by ERC and JxCat. The most voted parties all sit at the right-spectrum, and some activists still think that a Republic will bring a government like Rojava, or even a slightly-leftist government? They are blind to the reality.

I just shared the information, but I don't really support it. Of course I'm in for of declaring independence, emancipation and the right to self-determination, but not to just go and build yet-another-State, people will never be free if they keep pushing for the same apparatus that suppresses them.