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Ive asked this in a comment before but I didnt get any responses. Does anyone have any abolitionist zines or reading in general from outside the US?

A lot of critiques of policing/prisons are extremely USA centric, especially with the whole “origins of policing was slave catching”.

Ive read some authors like Foucault who covered this but any other works, and especially zines, would be very much appreciated. Even better if they tackle policing from a non-Western perspective.



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2elddar wrote

This article by crimethinc compares the origin of policing in the US as slave patrols and in the UK as opposition to labor action.

It’s still half-focused on the US though. Hopefully others will share works that are closer to what you are looking for.


SnowyKnave OP wrote

Thats still a really really good start! Tysm. Theres so much i didnt know in that text, from the origins of passports to the Peterloo Massacre. Theres quite a few sources listed in the text that Im gonna also read, in particular

Clive Emsley, Crime, Police, & Penal Policy: European Experiences 1750-1940 (Oxford: Oxford University Press), 2007


Lisa Lowe, The Intimacies of Four Continents


subrosa wrote

Bonanno's Locked Up maybe (here a very short review by Aragorn!). Juan José Garfia's Adiós Prisión may also be worth a look. Much of the current discussion among Italian radicals is on 41-bis and Alfredo Cospito, I can't say I have seen much material with a strong focus on abolition.

I could point to some German language material, books and articles, but none of it looks particularly interesting.


SnowyKnave OP wrote

Just read Locked Up. Its a really good and personal critique of many prison abolitionists and Im surprised no-ones recommended it to me before. Ty