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For some reason, it's kinda hard to find this online in English. So I'm reposting its various formats here:

I'm pretty sure "Quale internazionale?" is best translated as "Which international?", but a bunch of the online versions use "What international?", which may cause some confusion. Each part was also originally put online on a different site. So if anyone is bored enough to retranslate it from the original (here are parts 1 & 2, & here's part 3) with some consistency, it could make a difference...anyway, here's a quote from the last part.

Today we cannot limit ourselves to bypassing the fictitious and distorting information of power by making “counter-information”, we must go further…And here we return to the title of this interview, “What international?”. How can we harmonize our strengths and build the international that we (as we have already said many times) feel the need for? The circulation of news followed by international action campaigns is a first step, difficult to achieve without communication via “internet”. Not for nothing, when there is a risk of insurrection in a country, the “power” immediately censors and closes the web. The clash, the revolt that naturally develops in the street, among the people, is guerrilla warfare carried out by the “people” in arms. “Counter-information” is not enough, it becomes revolutionary when it feeds the action, when it becomes a tool for the nuclei of action allowing them to synchronize their attacks and trigger the generalized insurrection. Only by acting in this way can we build “an anarchist international”, the simpler its operational dynamics will be the more effective its action will be and the more likely it will really affect our lives.



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