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TheJawns wrote

The author seems like a massive git, but some interesting food for thought. Especially interesting that it seems to make the argument that complex systems can only exist when individuals conform, which I can only assume would have to be through authority (like modern "democracies") or voluntary cooperation (like an-com utopia). Which also suggests to me that the best way of fighting the system is by refusing to conform. Maybe pretty obvious when you think about it, but an interesting way to look at it...


malatestify wrote

In recent years human organizations that emphasized central control have changed or given way to other structures with greater distribution of control. This includes political organizations, the systematic conversion of dictatorships in Central and South America to more democratic systems, the fragmentation of the soviet bloc and replacement of government controlled economies in communist countries with market based economies, and ...

Im not really in a place where I can put this into coherent words, but I put some pretty heavy doubt on this.


uanon OP wrote

well it's not exactly a new paper, from 2002 apparently