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In case you missed it: the anti-civ forum moved to (yes, that s is significant -- we've gone HTTPS!)

In case you don't know about this in the first place: it's a forum for all things anti-civ. If you're anti-civ-curious in any way, please consider joining in on the discussion.

You don't have to be living in a cabin in the woods without water or electricity, and you don't have to have read the entire Black and Green Review catalogue. All you need is to be interested in anti-civ thought. Maybe you've got some dumpster diving tips to share, maybe you have strong criticisms of some aspect of anti-civ, whatever. As long as you're coming into the discussion in a genuine manner, so that we can all learn from each other, you are very welcome.

I don't want to see the site turn into a circlejerk or echo chamber, so I sincerely would like to invite even anti-anti-civ people on there. Hell, even if you're a transhumanist (especially if you're a transhumanist?), sign up and have at it.

Briefly about the posters we've got on there (as there were some questions last time around I posted the forum): there's anarchists, nihilists, green anarchists, anarcho-primitivists, post-civ people, various types of communists that I don't understand, veganarchists, egoists, permaculturalists, people who have even more obscure positions that they never go into beyond the fact that they don't like anarchism, myself, &c. Just a lot of very different positions that kind of revolve around anti-civ observations.

Hope to see some of you there.



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yaaqov wrote

Thank you for the information.

This is totally off-topic, but I've never seen anyone use ‹&c.› for 'et cetera', only ‹etc(.)›. From a brief search, it seems like it was more common in the past. Do you know where you picked it up?


alexander OP wrote

I don't. But I presumably picked it up from the past. I read a lot growing up. I've also always written 'æ' (like archæology) and '¨' (like coöperation). Sometimes I've even written 'x' for 'ct', like connexion. Never adopted "shew" though. I'm sure there's a method or reasoning for this, in my brain somewhere. '&c' and 'æ' are shorter than 'etc.' and 'ae'. ¨-accents make it a lot more obvious what's going on phonetically.


yaaqov wrote (edited )

Never adopted "shew" though.

Do you mean as the past tense of 'show'?


alexander OP wrote

No, "shew" is how they spelt "show." If you listen to really old toffs (like Bertie Russell), you'll notice it's also how they pronounced "show" -- from the "beck" of their mouths.