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captaindread1 wrote (edited )

What is important? Big TVs? Or perhaps fast electric cars? No doubt that the concept of "important" must be deeply reevaluated.


anarchist_network wrote

Roads, houses, factories or workplaces. These are important and without certain resources you can't build nor operate them


ziq wrote

This is my idea of social anarchism. Notice there are no paved roads.

Paved roads are incredibly bad for the environment because they heat the planet. They're also so expensive to maintain that governments worldwide are pulling them up and replacing them with gravel.

They're an outmoded concept and should be abandoned.


Copenhagen_Bram wrote

I like that image! Can I post it on /f/meta, /f/green, and various subreddits?


captaindread1 wrote (edited )

Factories and workplaces perhaps are expired concepts. With respect to roads and house, for sure that the global intellect will be able to solve quite a lot of those problems.