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jlwob wrote

I am also a syndicalist and I have a lot of feelings on this. I think it is a mistake to dismiss economic concerns by saying that we need to reevaluate what is important or that we need to become self-sustaining. Both of those statements imply that our average well being will need to decrease in order to see greater equality.

The solution I’ve been kicking around is more detailed than what i’m About to lay out.

First, i am operating with the assumption that we are talking about a syndicalist community existing within a capitalist world - to me the most likely outcome of a revolution in our lifetime. Second, i’m Assuming that this community doesn’t have enough natural resources to make everything at home or does not have the industrial capacity.

With those assumptions in mind I think you would need some form of an abstraction layer that stands between the syndicalist community and the rest of the world. This would probably look like a bank.

To see how this could function, let’s look at an example. Jane has a widget factory. Her widgets are loved all over the world. However, this widget requires a special metal that only can be found in Europe. The community wants Jane to make her widgets and sell them at home and abroad because they love the widgets and selling them abroad increases the wealth of the community. So the “bank” lends Jane the money she needs to import the metal and she pays the loan back with her foreign profits.

The key to a bank like this would be communal and equal ownership. That way, who gets these loans, and how much is loaned out is subject to community approval.

This is a much simplified version of something bigger I am working on but if it interests you, let me know and we can chat more about it.


anarchist_network OP wrote

Thats a great idea and much better than the idea of "just live with what you got".

In mutualism there is also this kind of bank. I don't know the specifics but it workes in quite a good way.