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anarchist_network wrote


Collectivist anarchism and the idea of labor vouchers goes as follows:

The needs such as housing, food and water are free but now there are the things you WANT to have.

You work and then get paid for your work according to the time you worked and the importance of work in society. The importance would of course be decided before actually implementing labor vouchers. With these labor vouchers you can buy luxury items on a non capitalist market in the sense that you give a certain amount of vouchers in exchange for example a watch. After your purchase the vouchers will be destroyed for the purpose of not getting anyone rich.

It's a bit like a fusion of mutualism and collectivism.

The reason I put nation in quotes is because of my language barrier and I didn't knew how else to put it.

I don't think and also don't want competition in my anarchist economy but I think if regions are more developed then others that is still inequality and without certain things you need you would get less developed.

Also thanks for the recommendation :)