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ziq wrote (edited )

There is no benefit in doing anything that puts me/us at odds with a government. Except for taxes and compulsory education in classic schools, I do not see anything where existing governments are a problem.

Sounds like you're a feudalist.

persons worldwide are friendlier and more tolerant today than in the past (e.g. a war is only feared by old minded persons) is not because of some magic, random or inevitable evolution of culture but 100% related to richer and more comfortable lives provided my technology.

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. A billion people go hungry in this world everyday. And now you're saying war is nothing to be feared..? You're a troll, right?

You might be rich and comfortable, but most of humanity pays the price for your privilege.


lustysociety wrote (edited )

I do not want to pay taxes that are wasted for war and antiquated education and debt and bank money.
How does that make me a feudalist?
I see no benefit in fighting physically the police and damaging wealth/property.
How does that make me a feudalist?
If I am against the state for good reasons, then I am a feudalist.
If I defend the state for good reasons (e.g. protection from violent extremists), then I am an ancap or something else.
Many persons think the state is good and should protect against crime but when the state wants to ban cryptography just to know what happens then the state becomes the bad monster to be feared.
Many use Facebook but are against Facebook because Facebook uses their data for profit but Facebook will never break into their house for a raid.
Quite irrational and inconsistent.
Fortunately we have no law and police in Europe like in the USA.

There is no reason for almost all persons in the northern hemisphere to fear war.
For most people in the southern hemisphere there is no reason to fear war either.
If there was no USA, UK, France and Israel even less people would fear war.
If there was no Islam, even less people would fear war.
If there was no hate among Africans, even less people would fear war.

Hungry people do not go hungry because of technology but because of lack of technology.
And no, I have no benefit from anyone being poor in this world.
I feel bad for all poor persons.
A rich neighbour is better than a poor neighbour.
It would be good if the billion of poorest persons could contribute to science and technology instead of living in misery.
I am sure that the "poor" persons complain much less about "rich" white men and women than some persons on this forum do.